(CHICAGO, JUNE 2019) – Amazon has doubled down in its vigilant fight against counterfeit with the launch of Project Zero, a program designed to eliminate counterfeit brands and product listings from Amazon.com. Project Zero will empower Brand Owners to directly address the concerning trend, which caused Amazon to remove 3 billion suspicious listings in 2018 alone.

What is Project Zero?

Project Zero offers Brands three ways to monitor the marketplace for potential counterfeits:

  1. Self Service:  Brands can now directly remove counterfeits using the new self-service tool. Amazon tracks this activity and uses the data to optimize its automated protections.
  2. Product Serialization: Similar to Amazon’s Transparency program, product serialization allows Brand Owners to apply a unique code to every unit they ship to Amazon, which Amazon scans upon receipt. This allows Amazon to detect and stop counterfeiting before it affects the customer.

Who is Eligible for Project Zero?

Enrollment is invitation only, and qualifying Brand Owners must possess a government-registered trademark and already be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. Even in infancy, Project Zero has captured enough attention among Brand Owners that there is a waiting list to enroll.

What is the Enrollment Process?

The enrollment process is free and easy to complete through the Brand Registry portal:

  1. Receive invitation
  2. Login to Brand Registry Portal
  3. Select the Brand(s) you want to enroll
  4. Enter all trademarks in addition the trademarks submitted through Brand Registry
  5. Submit the selected brands and trademark

Trademarks must be wordmarks or design trademarks that contain words, letters or numbers, and the brand name must match the mark name for the trademark you are uploading.

What are the Long-Term Goals of Project Zero?

If Project Zero works as intended, it will drastically reduce counterfeit on Amazon.com and rightfully restore control to Brand Owners. If you are a Brand Owner who wants to participate but is not quite sure how, please reach out to The Upstart Group to find out more!

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