Want to sell to the federal government under the “Amazon Amendment?” The Upstart Group is here to tell you that your Amazon Government Sales Team is your second-best friend (after us, of course).

Your Amazon Government Sales Team can work with you to implement solutions that solve the distinctive challenges of government procurement, including certifications and reporting. They’ll help you navigate the competitive requirements unique to public institutions, and help you develop relationships with Procurement, Information Technology, Facilities, and more. It’s their job to help you succeed in this giant market, opened recently thanks to the “Amazon Amendment.”

The Amazon Amendment, part of a government appropriations bill signed in December 2017, instructs the GSA allow federal agencies to source products through a “company that operates online portals,” in other words, Amazon. With federal procurement spending approaching $500 billion annually, that means companies large and small now have equal access to sell in this arena.

If you don’t have an Amazon Government Sales Team, The Upstart Group has the relationships to get you connected. We’ll help match you with the right players, get you onboarded, and offer insights into how to quickly, efficiently, and effectively tailor your approach to Amazon. This way, you’ll hit the ground running and jump on this opportunity before your competition beats you to it.

Now is the time to refresh your approach to this lucrative market. Reach out to The Upstart Group today and open your business up to the potential that lies in $500 billion worth of federal purchasing power.

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