WIRED magazine recently ran a story about the new “Top Brand” badge on Amazon. The piece goes to great lengths to make it appear as if Amazon is up to something mysterious and possibly nefarious.

“What even is a Top Brand? Are Top Brands selected by humans? Or is the metric controlled by an algorithm? Amazon, for its part, says the Top Brand badge simply highlights brands that customers love, but it did not go into any further detail about how that’s determined.”

It’s easy to take potshots at Amazon as they continue to seek new ways to improve their business. The very fact that they don’t let the public know their business strategy is taken as evidence that they are somehow up to no good:

Critics say the logic behind the labels isn’t always transparent to consumers or brands and fear Amazon could use them to prop up its growing range of private labels.”

We have a totally different take on this and it’s very different than the “experts” they quoted in the article.

We believe Amazon is using the “Top Brand” signal to bolster customer confidence. This demonstrates to the customer that Amazon is doing their “due diligence” and serving up brands that provide authentic products. This is critically important in the fashion category, which is flooded with counterfeit products. We applaud them for this effort.

Amazon’s entire business model is built on trust, trust that consumers and businesses alike take for granted. Without it, the world would be hesitant to buy products sight unseen, and businesses would not want to associate with an untrustworthy platform, because the negative halo would reflect on their own brand image.

It’s our experience that Amazon is the safest e-commerce platform out there. Are there things that they can do to improve? Of course – it’s the very hallmark of a great business is to keep evolving, growing, and addressing market changes. Can Amazon sometimes be opaque to outsiders? Yes – again, the mark of a well-run business is to keep your cards hidden until you’re ready to play them. Amazon’s “Top Brand” badge is another example of why their platform continues to be the leading e-commerce platform.

Because trust matters.

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