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    Why bulk pricing is a key approach to success under the Amazon Amendment

    Taking advantage of the Amazon Amendment – part of a government directive to allow federal procurement agencies to source products through an “online marketplace” – Amazon – requires a little extra thought beyond just saying, “federal agencies, here we are!” The Upstart Group can offer some insight into how to best succeed in this brave

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    Project Zero: Amazon Invites Vendors to Help Eliminate Counterfeit

    (CHICAGO, JUNE 2019) – Amazon has doubled down in its vigilant fight against counterfeit with the launch of Project Zero, a program designed to eliminate counterfeit brands and product listings from Project Zero will empower Brand Owners to directly address the concerning trend, which caused Amazon to remove 3 billion suspicious listings in 2018

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    The Upstart Group Announces Partnership With Pilot Automotive

    The Upstart Group will launch Pilot Automotive’s presence and family of brands on Amazon in the U.S. Chicago, Ill. (March, 2019) – The Upstart Group today announced a partnership with Pilot Automotive, a leading automotive aftermarket accessories manufacturer, to spearhead Pilot Automotive’s US launch on Amazon and strengthen the its brand presence online. Pilot Automotive

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    How to Get the Most Out of Amazon Vendor Negotiations

    Amazon vendor negotiations can be scary, but they don’t have to be It’s that time of year again. As sure as seeing the first signs of spring, this is the time of year that can cause brand owners an inordinate amount of stress. That’s right, it’s time for to renegotiate your vendor terms with Amazon.

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    Amazon just started selling an entire hospital room online for $285K

    Amazon sells just about everything on its massive online platform, including, as of this week, an entire, ready-to-go hospital room. Produced by EIR Healthcare and known as the MedModular, the product has been dubbed the world’s first “smart hospital room in a box.” Amazon has it listed for $285,000. “They can deliver anything to hospitals from toilets

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    Amazon is chasing growth and shifting resources to third-party sellers

    Amazon’s responding to a wake-up call: The retail company makes more money letting other people sell to customers on its marketplace than it does selling to customers itself. Strategy has shifted accordingly. The company has been opening up more e-commerce features and capabilities to third-party sellers that were once reserved for wholesale vendors, and shifting

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    Amazon Sets Deadline For CPG Brands To Overhaul Packaging

    Some CPG brands have been summoned by Amazon in recent months to overhaul their product packaging to be greener, sturdier and cheaper to ship. From August 1st, manufacturers with products identified for the packaging improvement program will be charged an additional surcharge on non-compliant items, to the tune of $1.99 per item shipped. Brands that upgrade

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    Global Smart HVAC Controls Market Size Brief Analysis by Top Key Players

    A detailed study on ‘Smart HVAC Controls market’ formulated by Market Study Report, LLC, puts together a concise analysis of the growth factors impacting the current business scenario across assorted regions. Significant information pertaining to the industry’s size, share, application, and statistics are also summed in the report in order to present an ensemble prediction.