The Amazon Amendment, a provision tucked into a 2017 appropriations bill that allows government agencies to source products from online marketplaces like Amazon, is a huge boon to online sellers. With $500 billion in annual spending spread across 55,000 distinct federal government agencies, it’s easy to see the potential.

What’s not as obvious is that not all government agencies buy products in the same way. So, it’s important to learn how to take advantage of Customer Specific Pricing – CSP – and The Upstart Group can help you make the most of this approach.

As you learn more about your government buyers, you’ll learn what’s important to them, as distinct federal agencies may have different purchasing priorities. For example, maybe the United States Department of Labor prefers paper clips from union shops, while the National Park service may put a premium on pencils made with sustainable wood. Knowing the particular quirks and demands of your individual targeted customers allows you to price appropriately to win the business.

CSP is a powerful tool that Amazon allows sellers to implement. It lets you set prices unique to particular customers as they log into their account. These prices are seen only by the customers you specify. Innovative pricing strategies can help you win bids faster and focus on key customer segments. The Upstart Group will help you take advantage of powerful tools like CSP to maximize your business.

Amazon is a very price-sensitive marketplace, so using the right pricing strategies will dramatically increase your ranking and conversions. Whether you’re a long-time Amazon seller or eager to take advantage of this new opportunity, reach out to The Upstart Group today and make the most of this lucrative sales channel.

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