Amazon Advertising is the new frontier Amazon is deeply focused on and Amazon merits this focus with their first-ever Amazon Advertising Conference (AdCon) which took place in October. We were thrilled to have our very own COO, Justin McMillan represent us at this exclusive event which saw 400+ like-minded professionals – vendors, media and marketing partners, from all over the country and beyond in attendance.

The basic premise of the event was to showcase new opportunities available across Amazon’s vast online network that can be leveraged by brands to position them in the most relevant manner and add value across the buyer’s non-linear journey.

AdCon was filled with intense knowledge and deep insights. We are excited to share what we’ve learned with point-by-point action and kickstart your strategy for implementation today!

Amazon – Point of Discovery

Fact, 80% of buyers are increasingly using Amazon to discover new products and brands. Businesses can now acquire and expand their buyer base on the Amazon. A unique opportunity which no other platform makes it available at scale to sellers and buyers. 53% of shoppers feel more comfortable buying an unfamiliar brand on Amazon than anywhere else. This must act as a strong incentive for businesses to look at Amazon as a long-term growth vehicle instead of a temporary “spike-in-sales” channel.

How can businesses maximize their Amazon presence?

  1. Retail Readiness – Lay the foundation
  2. Generate Demand – External and internal traffic
  3. Engage Aisle Shoppers – Draw in the customer with new content and features
  4. Getting Started- Set the foundation and master basic content

You can affect the platform with diligent, daily, repeated work.

Beyond .com and Sponsored Products

For the first time, Amazon truly unleashed the power of its vast online network and put together a complete picture for sellers on how best they can leverage Amazon’s reach. For years, Amazon sellers have exclusively thought about Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) and Sponsored Brand Ads (SBA) as the only means to reach out to buyers, but Amazon has so much more to offer. 

Amazon Advertising gives businesses the opportunity to be present across multiple channels and create a presence during the key moments of the buyer’s journey. The focus should increasingly be to curate each of these experiences in an effective manner encouraging the buyer to make the purchase decision.

You can get started leveraging these channels with focus on the following:

  1. Stores
  2. Sponsored Ads
  3. Posts & Follow
  4. Sponsored Display
  5. Amazon DSP
  6. Amazon Attribution
  7. Amazon Sampling Program

Think and Act Long-Term

So far, we have established that Amazon is beyond just short-term sales channel, but the most comprehensive network for businesses to leverage as a long-term growth pillar.

Buyers today engage with brands differently on the respective channels – giving invaluable insights for businesses to capitalize and sell their products more effectively. Increasingly, the journey is geared towards partnering with your customer, helping them make more informed purchase decisions and growing together, establishing the trust!

A Few pointers for you to get started on this

  1. Know your customer ­­– understanding who your customer in and every aspect about their purchase desires, is the due diligence that you owe in order to successfully partner, sell and help your customers complete the consumer journey.
  2. Be consistent everywhere – having a consistent content and communication message across multiple channels which your audience use through the their journey, is key to creating memorable and delightful customer experience.
  3. Reduce reliance on lower funnel tactics – while these are often the most impactful immediately, we’re encouraged to be mindful of long-term impact and results. You can cause a small amount of disruption, but those activities won’t carve out the market space you crave.
  4. Give Amazon’s Machine Learning and Relevance Engine a chance to succeed – consistent results and A LOT of them are required for growth. There is a relevance engine behind Amazon’s Advertising platforms, it syncs with to provide the best customer experience.

At Upstart, we believe that these insights can be successfully implemented for B2B businesses just the same for B2C. We have successfully executed many of these long-term strategies for 40+ businesses, helping them scale their revenues and profitability as much as 20X. Our in-house team of experts on AMS, Content, Operations, Distribution and Warehouse Management, Technologists, and Marketing ensure that these strategies are executed and meet the performance benchmarks against our 30-60-90-day framework.

Please reach out to me directly at , if you have any specific queries on how to better sell to your industrial buyers on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

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