The gravitas of COVID-19 is upon us, and most have already begun to feel its impact on businesses and personal lives. Understandably, the increasing focus will be put on the actions necessary to keep families, friends, and communities afloat. I, along with the rest of UpstartWorks, share the concern and unease associated with the current global situation.

But regardless of how bleak the immediate future may look, UpstartWorks is determined to be resilient by implementing the following five principles, dedicated to our customers, partners and associates alike. These principles take effect today:

People First, Mission Always.

The health and safety of our people, partners and customers is number one, period. And while UpstartWorks continues to take all necessary precautions, our Mission remains intact – To protect and grow your business. We will harness today’s constraints and volatility to innovate toward a more prepared tomorrow.

Speed Over Elegance.

Possibly more than ever, decisive action and availability are in extremely high demand. I have unwavering trust in the leaders at UpstartWorks and have empowered them to make the right decisions for your businesses. They know what they are doing; I will not be a bottleneck.

Positive Narrative.

UpstartWorks prides itself on hustle and outcome while maintaining a positive outlook throughout. You have my commitment that as our businesses continue to grow together, UpstartWorks will lead toward a concerted goal – an honest, fortuitous, and compelling future.

Embrace the Long Game.

We will remain encompassed toward the horizon, tenacious in combating impeding obstacles, and self-aware of the confidence we instill in our partners along the way.

Serve with Heart.

Everything we do, we do with heart. This is the best way for us to show our commitment to our people, partners and customers.

Of course, there is a long road ahead. While we continue to move forward, I will hold myself and all of UpstartWorks accountable to these five principles. I expect that they will help guide, and I hope that they will encourage our return to prosperity.


Rohan Thambrahalli
Founder and President – UpstartWorks

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