Over 1 million new sellers joined Amazon last year. That’s another 3,000 sellers every day. If you’re selling products on Amazon, you need a way to stand out. Otherwise, you could fall behind the competition. Your sales and ROI could drop. Instead, consider using Amazon Advertising. You can boost Amazon Advertising sales and get ahead of the competition this year! Still on the fence? Here are seven Amazon marketing services benefits to keep in mind. By exploring these Amazon Advertising benefits, you can make an informed decision for your business!

Get ahead of the curve this year. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Amazon marketing services today.

1. Reach More Customers

Almost 50% of Americans start searching Amazon when online shopping. Only 22% use Google. Meanwhile, 82% of shoppers check prices on Amazon, while only 36% check search engines.

Another 43% of consumers click on Amazon ads from the web.

By using Amazon marketing services, you can expand your reach online. People are already looking for your products. You don’t have to hunt down your customers with outbound marketing tactics.

Outbound marketing can waste valuable time and money. Instead, these Amazon marketing services benefits can help you save time.

You can use keyword research to ensure your products appear when someone looks for them online. A strong call-to-action (CTA) can encourage people to check out your products. Then, you can convert those interested consumers into Amazon Advertising sales.

With outbound strategies, on the other hand, you might fail to get in front of customers. The timing isn’t always right.

With Amazon Advertising, you’ll appear when someone is in the mood to shop. That perfect timing can help you drive sales. 

Consumers are already looking for your products online. With Amazon marketing services, you can use that to your advantage. You’ll monetize more opportunities and provide customers with the ease and convenience they need.

2. Generate Brand Awareness and Recognition

People won’t choose your business if they don’t know you exist. With Amazon marketing services, you’ll appear in front of more customers.

With every impression, you can generate more brand awareness. As people become more aware of your brand, brand recognition will grow. The next time that consumer needs your product, they’ll remember your ads.

They won’t turn toward an unfamiliar business. Instead, they’ll remember you and choose your products instead!

In time, you can turn awareness and recognition into trust and loyalty. Then, you can retain repeat customers and improve your ROI.

3. Pay Per Click, Not Impression

Amazon Advertising benefits businesses that are operating with a tight advertising budget. With Amazon Advertising, you’ll pay for every click on your ads, not every impression.

When someone views your ad, they might ignore it. You’re still generating brand awareness, though. Since no one clicked on your ad, you won’t have to waste money.

Instead, you’ll only pay for clicks, allowing you to focus on engagement. As more people click on your ads, you can generate more sales! Your Amazon Advertising sales will increase while your costs remain low.

Your ROI will continue to improve as a result. 

4. Target Interested Shoppers

Remember, your ads will appear in front of consumers who already have an interest in your product. You won’t have to waste time convincing people they need your products. Instead, you can use precise targeting to appear in front of ideal customers.

Using precise targeting can ensure you avoid wasting time and money.

You can display ads in front of people most likely to convert. By targeting interested shoppers, you can increase sales without blowing through your budget. 

5. Use Different Formats

WithAmazon Advertising advertising, you’re not stuck to one ad format. Instead, you can test different ads to determine which best appeals to customers.

For example, you can have your ads appear as headline search ads, sponsored products, and product display ads.

Headline search ads appear above search results. You can target your customers based on the keyword they search.

Sponsored products appear below search results.

Product display ads, on the other hand, appear on related product detail pages. These ads appear based on product or interest.

Using different formats will help you optimize your opportunities. You’ll appear in front of more customers, helping you draw more sales!

6. Get Ready for Prime Day

Prime Day sales are continuing to surpass both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If you want to generate more sales on Amazon, you need Amazon Advertising.

Amazon marketing services will help you appear in front of more customers. You can boost brand awareness, draw more customers, and generate more sales. 

7. Generate Higher Conversion Rates

Are you struggling to reach consumers? If your store is one of a million within your niche, it’s difficult to stand out. Amazon marketing services can help.

You can become a dominant presence in your online retail sector and draw more buyers. People who want your product will see your ads before a competitor’s organic listing. You can then stand out and draw more sales. 

Your conversion rate will improve as a result. 

8. Improve Your ROI

As you use Amazon Advertising, you’ll have access to reporting metrics. You can review your campaigns and determine where your ads are falling short. Measuring campaign performance can help you avoid costly mistakes.

You can determine the best combinations for your keywords and images. Optimizing your ads will help you generate more clicks and sales.

By optimizing your ads, you’ll avoid wasting time and money, too. Your ROI will improve, allowing you to grow your online business.

Without Amazon Advertising, however, your sales could flatline. You could waste time and money on ineffective strategies. Instead, try Amazon Advertising to generate more sales.

You can learn how to optimize your spending here.

10. Remain in Control

With Amazon Advertising, you can control your ads and budget. You can track your progress and make changes along the way. The control you have will help you avoid overspending or making costly mistakes.

Start Boosting Your Business: 10 Benefits of Amazon Advertising Sales

Want to generate more Amazon Advertising sales this year? Start using Amazon marketing services to boost your business! With Amazon Advertising, you can generate more brand awareness and sales while improving your ROI.

Eager to get started? We have the tools you need to succeed. Explore our services today to get started.

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